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5 Changes in Your Life After You Stop Drinking Alcohol

5 Changes in Your Life After You Stop Drinking Alcohol

From time to time, I came across articles about people who suffer from alcoholism. Hey, that is not about me, I always thought. Some sources offered long tests, others included a detailed description of the condition. At some point, I stumbled upon a very simple and short self-test that made me doubt my relationship with alcohol. The trick is to ask yourself whether you can store alcohol in your house or not.

I was quite surprised when I realized that every single time I have beer or wine at my place, I feel obligated to finish it the same evening. Regardless of whether I am alone or with company, I will not let alcohol wait till tomorrow.

Then I thought about all the evenings I was out with my friends. Was there a single evening when we would just drink a cup of coffee? I could not remember such a day. Going out means visiting a bar and drinking alcohol until you can barely walk back home.

This was when I decided to experiment and abstain from alcohol for 30 days. Just to prove myself that I am not an alcoholic. And then weird things started to happen.


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