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4 words sending chills down your colleagues spine

4 words sending chills down your colleagues spine

Everybody want to be a worker whom colleagues adore, boss respects, and clients prefer. Maybe, you too are a such person. In that case, you, surely, have spent a lot of time to learn tips how to be a business guru. You pride your leadership and communication skills.

Anyway, do you know that some words you use can scare your co-workers? And certain terms you say constantly might give them a heart attack. Here are four such words and a few possible alternative to these words which can help you keep your colleagues’ nerves safe.

1. Urgent

Basically, we are saying “urgent” when we need an assistance. But most people really dislike this word. First of all, you have to understand that your request must be sufficiently important not only for your. Second of all, try to use it not so often, “urgent” is a negative word and can produce only panic.

Urgent is when the pants you are wearing are burning and a harm is imminent. If your pants are lying on the shelf and can lean to harm only in perspective, you have enough time to react.

So use “urgent” if it is really urgent, or, for example, change it for “today”. It is much more effective in getting the response you want as fast as possible.

2. Problem.

A horrible world. Some people say “I have a problem” meaning “I have a deal”. That is not the same things, and you must realize the difference between a problem costing your company reputation or money and a deal with a looming deadline.

It does not mean you have to avoid this word always. But if you constantly come to your teammates with “problems”, they will think that you are not so clever when it comes to ideas on how to deal with them by yourself. Your “problems” could lose their value for your co-workers.

Let “obstacles”, “issues” and “deals” replace “problems” and try to save the last ones for something serious and urgent.

3. Except

“It looks good, except…” Whenever we heard a such phrase, it makes us nervous even if the first part of the sentence was complimentary for us.

“Except” is a word that says “you are a good guy, but your work is nothing because of your much bigger fail”. In this case the victory is nothing because “except” eliminates everything mentioned before.

So, what would you prefer to hear: “The report is good, except some points which required changes” or “The report would be better if you change some points, but anyway it looks good”?

4. Wait

When someone shouts “Wait!” it sounds like a command. “Wait” is a stupefacient word, it makes us think that we just made some kind of a horrible mistake.

It is suitable for a situation when the lift is closing up and you are in a rush to come in. This word could be super-effective when you need someone’s attention immediately. But usually it is just something relatively unimportant like “Wait—what?”, that anyway freezes your interlocutor in anticipation.

Instead, try to use constructions like “Do you have a moment?” or “Is it a good time?”.

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