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3 simple steps to make your summer better than ever

3 simple steps to make your summer better than ever

Take all the possible pleasure from the last few days of this summer. Use these simple tricks to make it even better.

Have fun near water

There are a lot of possible ways to have fun for people who cannot imagine their life without sand, sun and peaceful sounds of the surf. To make your last summer weekend unforgettable, you can, start anywhere, from surfing to a BBQ party on a beach.

Make sure you made a great campfire and some cocktails too, as those are key elements to any decent holiday on a beach. You can build your own water slide and add some inflatables to turn a calm weekend into a fantastic party. And do not forget to tell your friends to bring their friend with them too. This is, indubitably, the perfect time for new meetings! By the way, this is also the best time and opportunity to create a perfect holiday for both, kids and grown ups.

If you need some more adrenaline, get a surfboard and make it real. Remember the word “Shakka” to greet other surfers on a beach in their language.

Have your own house party

If you do not have enough time and energy to organize your dream weekend on a beach, make it perfect with your own backyard BBQ party. Call all your friends for a great BBQ party or open your own dance floor with the greatest summer hits. Make it all about fun, entertainment and best memories ever.

To make your BBQ very special, add some hickory wood to the fire. Enjoy that adorable pink rim and unimaginable savor of the juicy ribs and chops.

Do you want to make your homemade cocktails look like the best drinks in your favorite night club? Take a colorful cupcake holder, put it over a glass and stick a cocktail straw through it.

Film every move you make

There is nothing more precious about summer holidays than the photos and pictures of your weekend vacation. Whenever you go, make sure you grab a camera with you. Do not forget to make a perfect picture of yourself standing in front of a sunset or a sunrise, especially if you are still standing on a beach. Take some funny photos with your friends to use them like a strong argument later.

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