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3 places you definitely need to avoid

3 places you definitely need to avoid

If you want to save your sanity, do not visit any of these 3 theme park attractions. Otherwise, you will get nothing but crazy nightmares, wasted time and money.

Guadalajara, Mexico

There is a beautiful town in the Mexican state of Jalisco, named Guadalajara. If you are going to visit it, please, never go to see the attraction with a giant blond woman. If you go inside that statue, you will see all the creepy details of a pregnant woman’s body.

The most horrible thing about that girl is her abnormal inside look. Just imagine, how terrifying it must be to live with the heart based under your tonsils. The only one who can have real fun in that place are medical students, especially if they want to know more about major defects and unhealthy development.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is not only the center of the most famous dance festival. There is also an unusual place named Prater Amusement Park. If you adore surrealistic art or want to see the world through the eyes of an LSD user, you definitely must see it. Otherwise, steer clear of it for your own sake.

All personages in the theme park look like some psychedelic creatures. This amusement park can be used as a perfect location for a movie, but only for those directors, who want to give the world yet another incredible horror-story starring giant babies and naked aliens.

Abashiri, Japan

Japanese officials found their own way to get tourists’ attention. They turned the old Abashiri prison into a death row prison museum. There you can find out everything about the daily life of Abashiri prisoners. The museum is filled with various wax statues of prisoners and officers, so every single room of it reflects authentic atmosphere of an old prison. You can even buy and taste some meals from the real prison menu in the museum cafeteria.

But this fantastic authenticity and realness is not the most horrific thing about the Abashiri Prison Museum. You will be truly terrified when you find out that this place is located near a real death row prison. An actual death row prison just down the road from the museum with a fake one.

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