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18 Great Life Lessons Every Person Should Learn

18 Great Life Lessons Every Person Should Learn

Life can sometimes play tricks on each of us. However, there are certain principles you can live by in order not to get yourself into trouble. It is quite hard to find universal good tips that would work for everyone, but we managed to narrow it down to 18 vital life lessons that will change your life for the better and save you from many potential problems.

Businessmen should value their employees.

If you are a businessman, remember to have the highest regard for your personnel. You may forget or not pay much attention to this issue, but your employees are the most valuable resource you own. They influence your ups and downs, and the success of your company depends on the staff you recruit.

Do not talk about politics at dinner.

Dinner is a good time to gather your whole family and communicate. Dinner is a time when everyone wants to share something interesting with their dearest and nearest. But you see, politics is a too controversial topic to talk about. So, if you want to avoid arguments and smashed plates, just do not bring it up.

Think twice before hitting “post.”

That is actually one of the best advice quotes ever. Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you regret something you have already done and cannot change? Probably, yes. That is exactly what can happen to a person who writes a post without thinking twice about it and places it on their page with no hesitation at all. And this post appears in, let us say, Facebook, and everybody sees it. Sometimes we feel upset or get drunk, so our thoughts are somewhat messy. It is better to think twice before sharing your emotions or ideas with others to avoid the feeling of shame and desperation afterwards.

Always mind that people who work in call centers have feelings like everyone else.

Yes, sometimes we simply forget that the employees of call centers are not guilty of our problems. While their bosses fool us by making defective goods or providing services that do not measure up to the standards, these people just listen to our claims and do their best to help us. So, let us always remember that the call centers employees have feelings and should not be offended.

Nobody likes photos of dicks.

And we mean it. Of course, you may think this is just some funny life advice, but it is not. Men, do not take photos of your junk because women do not like to look at them.

Children think that all guns are toys.

Here is a serious life tip for everybody. Do not leave your gun unattended because it may have dangerous consequences.

Do not focus on stereotypes.

Every person is special, so do not try to meet the expectations of other people or comply with some fashion standards. Be yourself and try to develop your own style.

You cannot use everything as a sex toy.

This is universal advice for girls and boys, which may seem somewhat weird. However, according to the statistics and surgical reports, people use absolutely unsuitable things as sex toys and, as a result, end up seriously hurt.

Do not be afraid to be silly.

Do you know Jim Carrey, Charlie Chaplin, or Sacha Baron Cohen? These people have never been afraid to be silly and make fun of virtually everything they see. As a result, the rest of the world laughs with them. So do not be afraid to do silly things; maybe it will make you famous one day. But even if you do not rise to stardom, at least you will be content with yourself. So, if you need advice, remember to be yourself because, you know, our lives are too short to be sulky and miserable.

Do not film yourself having sex.

If you think that your life is too great, and you are looking for something that can spoil it, just film yourself having sex. Even if you are a self-confident person with a graceful figure, you will not like seeing yourself having sex with another person. Moreover, your further complexes may influence your relationship.

Do not watermark the things you did not create.

It is simply stupid to mark your name on something that has nothing to do with you, is it not? Try to create something of your own instead.

It is better to have a knife rather than a gun.

This advice is very easy to explain. Knives never run out of bullets and are able to save your life when you least expect it.

Always look for a good artist before getting a tattoo.

Please, take this advice seriously. Choosing a random guy to be your tattoo artist may lead to an awful drawing on your body that you will have to carry around for the rest of your life. Do not take that risk and just find a professional tattoo artist.

It is impossible to convert people by going from house to house and talking about God.

This advice is mainly for Jehovah’s Witnesses who are still hoping that visiting people’s houses will help them in converting people. Yes, the hosts may be interested in talking about God, but believe us, all this talking will still be ineffective.

Do not ever read the online comments section.

Do not feed the trolls and take part in this time-wasting activity. Everything you will find in the comments sections is rage. Moreover, you will never know whose comments you are actually reading.

Backup your hard drive.

All troubles always happen at the most inappropriate moment. Do not forget to backup your hard drive not to kick yourself when something goes wrong.

Hats were made to cover our heads and protect us from sun.

Do you wear hats? They are incredible human inventions that are great to cover our heads with, while their sun visors are great to protect our faces. So, why do people forget about the original purpose of hats and wear them backwards? It looks weird.

Do not be afraid to do foolish things when you are young.

Adults should be responsible and try to be good examples for the young generation. But when you are young, try to enjoy your life to the fullest. Believe us, you will have enough time to be a boring adult.

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