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10 Celebrities Who Are Also Ingenious Inventors

10 Celebrities Who Are Also Ingenious Inventors

Michael Jackson

Anti-gravity shoes by Michael Jackson

Do you remember that absolutely stunning moment, when Michael Jackson blatantly disregarded the gravity laws and leaned at a 45-degree angle during his almost ten-minute long video “Smooth Criminal”? To make this magic motion possible, M.J. had to basically do the impossible; he invented the shoes no one ever tried to make before.

The magic shoes patented by Michael Jackson let the shoe wearer to lean forward up to the 45 degree defying their center of gravity.

We will ruin the magic a bit: in fact, in the video clip, this effect was achieved with the help of wires. The shoes were created later when the King of the Pop decided to repeat the same stunt on-scene during a tour. And it really worked perfectly to the astonishment of the public, right until 1996 when, in Russia, one of the shoes got broken, and the singer went flying down the scene. That made M.J. rework the patent design.

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