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10 Best Adaptations of Stephen King’s Books

10 Best Adaptations of Stephen King’s Books


(1976) Carrie

This film is the first and the best adaptation of the King’s same-named novel. The director of Carrie, Brian De Palma, managed to convey a sensation of fear, obsession and fury and let the audience feel that something terrible is going to happen. However, Carrie is not only a horror movie, but also philosophically and morally charged flick that shows the extent of human cruelty. It has been well said that Brian De Palma is one of the most talented Hitchcock’s followers. Moreover, Carrie brought the name of Sissy Spacek into repute. Being 26 years old and having a non-standard appearance, to say the least, this actress managed to play the role of teenage girl and show the inwardness and unfainting perseverance of the Carrie’s character.

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